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Q. What are some indicators that my garage door may need service?

A. Some indicators that your garage door may need service:

-  A door that's shaking from side to side on the way down
-  Loose or hanging cables and springs
-  Loud screeching noises during operation of the door
-  Doors that go up unevenly
-  Doors that won't come down 
-  Doors that are stuck
-  Rollers out of the rails 
-  Hitting door with car
-  Doors that open and close by themselves. 
-  Doors that don't close tightly against the frame. 
-  Space under door. 
-  Rough operating doors. 
-  Heavy doors. 
-  Noisy doors during operation. 
-  Drafts coming in from sides of door. 
-  General Maintenance

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