Professional Services
Your #1 Garage Door Company!

County Garage Door Inc. specializes in many services for your garage door needs.

Our many services include:

-  Factory fresh garage doors directly from manufacturer, supplied & installed 
-  New garage door openers, supplied & installed
-  Existing garage door openers repaired
-  Broken springs and cables replaced
-  Troubleshooting of garage doors
-  Replacement of wooden jamb around the garage door that may be rotted
-  Weather stripping around exterior of garage door
-  Replacing the rubber on the bottom of the garage door
-  Programming of home link in your car to your garage door opener
-  Supplying new remotes and programming them to your existing opener
-  Quieting down your existing garage door and opener
-  Repairing damaged tracks
-  General maintenance and safety checks
-  Safety cables through springs to keep your springs from flying around when they break 
-  Replacement of damaged garage door sections
-  Same day service on repairs

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